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Gulf Food

June 21, 2007
About Gulf Food In the past, the Arabian Gulf countries' cuisine was dominated by the simple bedouin and pearl diver's foods. The ...Read More

Syrian Food

June 08, 2007
Syrian food is rich in vegetables , grains, fruit, nuts, beans and aromatic spices. The same ingredients are used in different ways in diff...Read More


June 07, 2007
Ingredients - Fatteh: 1 large Arabic pita bread 1 whole chicken, 1 kg 6 cups or 1.5 litres water 1 small onion or 100g cut cubes 4 cubes...Read More


June 07, 2007
A fully nutritious meal, Mjaddara is easy to make and very tasty. Ingredients - Mjaddara : 2 cups of rice 1 cup of brown lentils One onio...Read More


June 07, 2007
Delicious and easy to prepare Sahlab recipe. Sahlab is famous in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Ingredients - Sahlab: 1 1/2 tablesp...Read More


June 07, 2007
This Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Egyptian pudding ( Muhallabieh ) is a favorite both in summer and winter, especially lik...Read More


June 07, 2007
Barazek is an Arabic dessert famous in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine that is Served with Turkish coffee or hot tea. Ingredients - ...Read More


June 06, 2007
Nummoora is a Lebanese pastry made from semolina soaked in a flavoured sugar-syrup and decorated with almonds.   Makes: 15 slices, Cook...Read More


June 06, 2007
Kashta is one of two basic dessert fillings used in many Middle Eastern desserts such as some versions of Katayef , the other being a nut fi...Read More


June 06, 2007
Shakshouka is a simple Middle Eastern dish made of cooked tomatoes, peppers, garlic or onions, spices and eggs. Shakshouka is typically eat...Read More
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