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Lebanese chicken recipes with pictures

Lebanese Rice with Chicken (Riz 3a Djeij) Recipe

The most popular dish in Lebanon; it is appreciated by adults and children alike. The same rice recipe is used for stuffing leg of lamb, turkey, whole chicken, etc… If some kids don’t like eating chicken, you can serve them the rice accompanied with natural yogurt, they’ll surely love it.

Lebanese Chicken and Potatoes Recipe

Simple and delicious traditional Lebanese dish of baked chicken and potatoes.  just add a salad or a veggie side dish and you're done!

Roasted Green Wheat with Chicken ( Freekeh ma’ djej) Recipe

Before Lebanese folks were introduced to rice and adopted it wholeheartedly, roasted green wheat or freekeh was the main staple. It is basically wheat harvested while still green and smoked  in the fields. The farmers would then crack it (or keep it whole)  and store it  to eat throughout the year. It is available at middle-eastern stores under the name freekeh or frikeh, either in boxes or bags or in bulk. It is extremely nutritious.

Spicy chicken kebabs recipe

These fresh, spicy kebabs don’t just taste great – the whole family will enjoy making them. Chicken kebab is actually quite easy to make. Grill for an easy, crowd-pleasing dinner.

 Chicken Shawarma

Chicken shawarma is extremely popular healthy and very flavorful. As an appetizer, it is served on top of hummus, with pita bread for dipping. As a meal, it is served as a sandwich, stuffed in pita bread with lettuce,tomatoes, onions, pickles, beets, and tahini. Chicken shawarma is served in most Lebanese, Syrian, and Jordanian restaurants.

Chicken & chickpea tabouli salad recipe

Bring a taste of the Middle East to your Christmas table with this deliciously nutty-tasting side dish. Chicken & chickpea tabouli salad is an easy and delicious dish made from pantry stable foods.

Chicken Koftas Recipe

This great make-ahead Chicken Kofta recipe is perfect for a party or large crowd. Simple, easy, flavorful and a crowd pleaser…you can’t go wrong with this one!

Sumac Chicken – Roasted over Onions and Pita Bread

This recipe for sumac-dusted roast chicken is not only easy to prepare, but is also an excellent introduction to the spice called sumac, and by extension, the charming simplicity of Lebanese cookery.

Jawaneh (Grilled Chicken Wings With Lemon and Garlic)

Everyone loves chicken wings, and most of us probably come close to eating our weight of them during football season. Grilled chicken wings are not only delicious, but they are healthier, easier to cook and are much better for you than fried wings!

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