Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Work the Room at a Party


Keep nerves in check.
Before heading into a room full of strangers (or answering the door before your date), get the jitters out by hopping up and down.

Don’t try too hard.
Casual confidence always works: Have good posture, speak with conviction and make eye contact.

Watch out for over-gesturing.
When we’re put on the spot, we tend to talk with our hands. Only gesture when you really need emphasis, but avoid clichés: If you’re saying something negative, no finger wagging.


Filter yourself.
When you’re meeting new people, always schmooze before you drop a zinger. That way, they can be sure it’s a joke.

Take a cue from the tone of the room and the crowd.
Tailor your teasing to the appropriate guests. Off-color humor won’t fly in an office party or at your grandpa’s retirement bash.

Keep it relevant.
Random jokes (“Guy walks into a bar...”) aren’t as funny as situational humor. Rib on something happening at the party so everyone feels included.

From Everyday with Rachael Ray

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