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Lebanese Coooking Menu - Appetizers

A taste of Lebanon - I am sharing this post for all blogger friends.

In a Lebanese household, food is life and sharing it is one of the great joys of being alive. And even for simple dinners at home, there are a variety of dishes on the table, the meal starting with small portions known as mezze which centers around dips and salads.

As well as having great variety, Lebanese food is one of the freshest and most delicious on the planet. Lamb is the meat of choice and appears in many dishes including kafta in which minced lamb is rolled into sausage shapes and cooked on the barbecue or in the oven.

For this delicious food, an elegant and romantic atmosphere is needed. Enjoy and dive into them with a renewed appetite.

Lebanese Traditional Mezze
An array of twenty different mouth watering dishes

Hummus B'tahini
Mashed chickpeas and sesame paste with garlic & lemon (dip for bread)

Mashed eggplant and sesame paste with garlic & lemon (dip for bread)

Foul Mudammas
Fava beans with garlic, lemon, and parsley

Fried spiced vegetable ball, served with tahini sauce

Yogurt spread with olive oil

Jibni Wa Zeitun
Cheese and olives

Spinach Pie
Stuffed with spinach, onions, and pomegranate nectar

Tripoli Maza
Combination appetizer plate consisting of hummus, babaganouj, cheese, olives, & falafel

Special Lebanese Kibbee Nayeh (Raw Kibbee)
Lean finely grounded leg of lamb mixed with cracked wheat, onions, and special Lebanese spices

Video About Lebanese Food


  1. Thanks all your nice coment about my blog.U know mee too like your all recipes cos close up culture.seems dishes soo yumy.we say meze.you say maza..result same and light menü....before dinner or lunch foods...also single good alternative neednt heavy foods...:)))))

  2. and thank you your visit KMS...bye best wishes

  3. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing the wonderful foods of Lebanon. Your blog inspires me (and also makes me feel hungry).

  4. Hi my friends..
    I am so pleased for your comments...
    You are all wonderful Some Kinda Wonderfull and Pasturkey and all of you. Although I am a little bit busy, but wait for more stuff..


  5. what is the recipe for the pies in the first picture on the right top of this bage

    1. Thanks for your question. You can find the recipe at the following link:

      Sambousik Lahmeh recipe


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