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Weight Control During Winter

During winter and cold weather, the combination of fatty masses combine in the abdomen and buttocks, due to the strong turnout to eat a lot in this season.

People turn to eat calorie-rich fatty frequently, and this leads to weight gain in addition to the lack of movement in winter.

Here are some tips for controlling overweight in the winter:
  • Dealing with fruits instead of cakes and sweets such as oranges and citrus rich in vitamin C and strengthens the immune system.
  • Eating fish more than meat because it contains less fat. you can take backed Fish fillet or tuna 3 times a week.
  • Reliance on grilled potatoes more than our reliance on rice and bread.
  • Deal with fresh vegetables and salads which are rich in vitamins, fiber and provide us with vitality and activity.
  • Stay away from cold drinks and rely on hot drinks, such as tea, and herbs, because they contribute to the expansion of blood vessels as well as more of a sense of warmth.
  • Reliance on the various kinds of hot soups which will provide us with a sense of warmth and provide us with energy.
  • The distribution of meals throughout the day, it's preferred to take 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in addition to 2 light meals.
  • Reduce As much as possible the amount of oil added to the cooking and depend on boiled and grilled food.
  • Dealing with foods that contain rapid absorption sugars, such as the dates and dried fruit instead of sweets and chocolate fatty.
  • Drinking water in sufficient quantities from 6-8 cups a day.
Tip: The practice of sport and any kind of movement, even if it is at home contributes to a number of burning excess calories and over time we will be able to lose some kilograms through a commitment to exercise and follow a healthy diet.

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