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Food Sealers - How To Compare Food Sealers

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes) invites you to read about food sealers and know how to compare food sealers.

Most housewives nowadays resort to freezing poultry, meat, fish and other food supplies in large amounts in order to lessen their grocery trips. Freezing foods for later use, however, entails proper techniques and tools to maximize their storage life. One technique in storing food is by using food savers. Food savers come in various forms: canisters, glass jars, containers with plastic covers and covered tins. The most widely used in households now are zipped bags, freezer bags, food saver rolls, plastic bag sealers, and tin sheets.

The use of food saver bags, tin sheets and plastic bag sealers has become popular among U.S. households. But with long storage, food may become stale and freezer-burned if they are not stored correctly. Thus vacuum food storage with the use of food sealers was introduced to remove the air in plastic bags and then to seal them tight so the food stays fresh in the freezer longer.

There are many food sealer products in the market and almost all of them prove to be reliable kitchen gadgets. Here are some of these products for you to study and compare.

1. Deni food sealer. Manufacturers of Deni food sealer are proud to present their latest product called Freshlock Vacuum Sealer. This food sealer tool can cut a plastic bag and adjust its size to the quantity of food to be stored. With just the right size of plastic bag, there is less air inside and vacuum is minimized. Deni food sealer is said to lock in the flavor, nutrients and freshness of food two to three times more than other methods.

2. Tilia food saver vacuum sealing system. With its latest food sealer design, Tilia food saver can hold food in its fresh state five times longer than ordinary food sealer models. It has a seal perfection feature and new vertical design and is available to buyers in cash or three payments.

3. Rival food sealer. Very easy to use, this food sealer has only two knobs – the vacuum and the seal buttons. The vacuum knob expels the air from the bag while the seal knob seals the bag as soon as the air goes out.

4. Foodsaver V840. Recommended to those who habitually buy in bulk, Foodsaver V840 is a wise buy. It is durable as well as it seals, locks out the air and protect food from bacteria, molds and spoilage because of its efficient vacuum seal feature.

5. Foodsaver v2490. Noted for its durability, Foodsaver v2490 can last for many years. Many users of this food sealer product profess that it effectively prevents freezer burn because of its efficient vacuum sealing feature.

6. Reynolds Handi-VacSealer. When you mention the name “Reynolds” the things that come in mind are aluminum foil, cling wraps and other food saver goods that people have been using for a long, long time now. Well, Reynolds does it again with its Reynolds Handi-VacSealer. Very affordable at just ten dollars, this device runs on batteries and is very handy.

With the prevalent use of food sealers, you have nothing to complain about anymore with your kitchen work. Take note though that even with the use of food sealers you must also practice how to prepare food properly in such a way that it will not spoil easily when stored in food sealers. 

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