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Cracked wheat Salad with pomegranates syrup recipe

Photo: Cracked wheat Salad with pomegranates syrup recipe

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes) invites you to try Cracked wheat Salad with pomegranates syrup Recipe. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Cracked wheat Salad with pomegranates syrup.


2 Cups fine burghul soaked in 2 cups of boiled water with salt, drained.
1 Tbs tomato paste
1 Tbs bell pepper paste
1 Onion, chopped finely
Salt and Pepper
1 Tbs paprika
1 tps mint, dried
1 Cup olive oil
2 Tbs pomegranates syrup (molasses)
3/4 Cup parsley, chopped finely
4 Spring onions, chopped
4 Garlic cloves, chopped finely
1 Lettuce, sliced
Fresh mint leaves for decoration


- Mix tomato paste, pepper, cracked wheat in a bowl, stir well by hands.
- Add onion to mixture and season with salt, pepper, paprika and dried mint.
- Mix olive oil gradually in exchange with pomegranates syrup, stir until well combined.
- Add remaining ingredients and refrigerate.
- Decorate with mint leaves and serve cold.

Source: Chef Osama

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