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Top 9 Online Middle Eastern Food Stores

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes)  presents Top 9 Online Middle Eastern Food Stores

Ingredients in some Middle Eastern recipes may be hard to find, depending on the area you live in. However, many Middle Eastern grocers offer their products online, making it simple to get those hard to find ingredients. Shipping is reasonable and service is very fast. The stores listed are my favorites; I have either been to the store personally or shopped online with them.

1. Dayna's Market 

Dayna's has to be my favorite online store to purchase ingredients. They carry more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern items, but they both are very similair as far as ingredients. They also offer very cheap shipping - only 5.99 for up to 10 pounds via UPS.

2. Taste of Turkey 

This Middle Eastern and Mediterranean superstore offers thousands of products imported from the Middle East. They have excellent customer service and the shipping is reasonable and quick. Website is in both English and Arabic.

3. Ethnic Grocer.com 

Ethnic Grocer is a favorite of mine. Not only do they sell products from the Middle East, they sell items from all over the world. Their prices are great and they offer fair shipping.

4. Shamra's 

Shamra's has been in business since 1965, offering imported foods from around the world. They now offer book, cd's, and DVD's in Arabic. Very inexpensive shipping, too.

5. Kalamala.com 

Kalamala.com offers a large variety of Middle Eastern products and even sells wholesale if you need the service. The site can be viewed in both English and Arabic and boasts hard to find fruits and other imported products. Check out Kalamala's Spices and Seasonings section - it is quite impressive and very reasonably priced.

6. Cedar Sky 

Cedar Sky offers traditional Middle Eastern food and gifts, more specifically Lebanese products. The store is based out of Brooklyn, NY.

7. Ayhan's Marketplace 

Ayhan's is a nice mixture of Greek and Middle eastern foods. Ayhan's also owns several stores and rstaurants in New York. They make great food gift baskets, also.

8. Tulumba 

This store has everything you need from food ingredients to kids book's. Tulumba's is well organized and is a very user friendly site. Their housewares section is impressive and reasonable priced.

9. Zamouri Spices 

Looking for a spice and just can't seem to find it? Look no futher! Zamouri's carries just about every spice udes in Middle Eastern cooking.

Source mideastfood.about.com

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  1. Makkah Market is one of the few super market offering the best middle east food like shish kebabs, falafel sandwich etc. in Philadelphia, with the excellent taste and quick assistance.

    Middle east food

  2. I am familiar with Dayna's Market and Taste of Turkey but rest of them are new to me, service and products of these online stores are satisfactory as compared to other stores.


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