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Top Middle Eastern Cookbooks

Middle Eastern cuisine is the cuisine of the various countries and peoples of the Middle East . The cuisine of the region is diverse while having a degree of homogeneity. Some commonly used ingredients include olives and olive oil, pitas, honey, sesame seeds, dates, sumac, chickpeas, mint and parsley. Some popular dishes include kibbeh and shawarma.

Middle Eastern food first came became popular in the 1990s with the heart-healthy Mediterranean Diet. According to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits included a reduced risk of heart disease, a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and a reduced risk of cancer. Coupled with the rising obesity rates, restaurants have become increasingly health conscious, and Middle Eastern food is exactly what so many are trying to incorporate into their menus. For example, Freekeh is a whole grain that has four times the fiber of brown rice, which helps keep blood sugar low. It also has more powerful vision protectors than other grains and helps increase healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. Healthfulness and freshness are central to the Middle Eastern diet, and these qualities are becoming part of a change going on in the American diet as well.

These Middle Eastern food cookbooks feature easy meals with easy to find ingredients. 

1. The New Book of Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Roden
Claudia Roden has to be the most revered Middle Eastern cookbook author. She once hosted her own BBC show on Mediterranean cooking. This cookbook is great for beginners!

2. The Arab Table by May Bsisu
I love this book because it features beautiful photographs of the prepared meals. I want to see what i am cooking and what it should look like!

3. The Middle Eastern Kitchen by Ghillie Basan
 This remarkable and beautifully illustrated book describes more than 785 ingredients used in middle Eastern cooking.

4. Arabian Flavours by Salah Jamal
Linking a culture's food to its history and politics, this collection of recipes offers rare insight into real Middle Eastern cuisine and family life.

5. The Language of Baklava by Diana Abu-Jaber
This memoir/cookbook tells a story and really connects you to Middle Eastern culture and food. Highly recommended!

6. Middle Eastern Home Cooking by Tess Mallos
Middle Eastern Home Cooking is an easy read with easy to follow directions. Nice tips are provided with each recipe.

7. Cooking the Middle Eastern Way by Alison Behnke, Vartkes Ehramjian
Cooking the Middle Eastern Way provides insight to the countries featured with lots of tidbits with the recipes. I would recommend this for someone who is moderately experienced in Middle eastern cooking.

8. Essential Middle Eastern Cooking by Soheila Kimberly
This cookbook is one of the best! I highly recommend it for its variety and vegetarian dishes. The pictures are accurate, and the recipes are authentic, yet simple.

9. Homestyle Middle Eastern Cooking by Pat Chapman
I love how this book features background information. It is well organized and the recipes contained are popular.

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