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The 7 Best Hummus Plates In NYC

(credit: Nanoosh Facebook)

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen: Hummus, the creamy Middle Eastern dip, is no longer just for Mediterranean food aficionados and health nuts. In fact, it has become a popular appetizer before the main course arrives and is the ultimate party food for a get-together with friends. Enjoy the hummus plates at these New York City restaurants for the best chickpea dips around. By Sarah Shaker. 

12 Chairs
56 Macdougal St
New York, NY

(credit: Sarah Shaker / Bright Lights My City)

Bathing in olive oil and lemon, this creamy hummus is served with warm fluffy pita bread and Israli pickles. 12 Chairs has been a Soho staple since their opening in 1995 for both the lunch and brunch crowds. Enjoy their award-winning hummus, the star of Openhouse Gallery’s Middle Feast hummus tasting competition, and don’t miss out on their other authentic Middle Eastern meals. 

Le Sajj
8221 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

(credit: Le Sajj)
Get on the train to Brooklyn for Le Sajj, a Lebanese restaurant serving an authentic hummus plate boasting a thick consistency of tahini and fresh lemon with just the right amount of garlic without overwhelming the dip. Served with a thin tannour, mix it up from the usual pita for a light bread, perfect for dipping.

Multiple locations
New York, NY

(credit: Nanoosh Facebook)
Made fresh from organic chickpeas, choose between original or roasted red pepper hummus, served with your choice of whole wheat or white pita. There are a few varieties of toppings available, such as warm chickpeas, organic mushrooms and onions and spicy sun-dried tomato. Party platters of hummus are available at Nanoosh to make your next apartment party a bit healthier than your usual menu of greasy chips and dip.

Ba'al Cafe
71 Sullivan St.
New York, NY
(646) 368-9957

(credit: Ba’al Facebook)
Ba’al Café offers hummus as not only a side, but as your main course with their Hummus Platter, served with your choice of 2 sides, such as Za’atar Fries, Falafel, Babganoush, Hummus, Shepherd Side Salad, Tabboulé Side Salad, Fattoush Side Salad, or Stuffed Grape Leaves for only $6. This is a steal for a full, delicious Middle Eastern meal.

Multiple Locations
New York, NY

(credit: Moustache)
For a light and smooth hummus visit Moustache at one of their three NYC locations. This cash-only spot serves a lemon and sesame spiced hummus. Make your hummus a true meal with a falafel or try one of Moustache’s delicious pitzas – the Middle Eastern variation on an Italian classic.

The Hummus Place
Multiple locations
New York, NY
(212) 333-3009

(credit: Hummus Place)
The signature dish is done right, at The Hummus Place. Enjoy the rich, creamy spread with whole fava beans, mushrooms, chickpeas or tahini on top. Stop by during the week on your lunch break and take advantage of their great special: a full plate of hummus, an appetizer and two hot pitas for under $10.

222 Waverly Place
New York, NY
(212) 691-6101

(credit: Taim)
Hummus, however delicious and filling, isn’t a complete meal without a few Middle Eastern additions. Get a few of the crunchy and flavorful falafel at Taim, as well as their Israeli salad with your dip for a well-balanced lunch or dinner.

Source: http://newyork.cbslocal.com 

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