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5 Microwave Mug Meals (Mug Pizza, Chocolate Brownie & More!) - Bigger Bolder Baking 106

Microwave Mug Meals are an easy way to eat Real Food for every meal but with little waiting or wash up. Mug Meals take minutes to mix up and less time to cook in the microwave. To make your life easy I have created a days worth of Microwave Mug Meals from breakfast to dinner, and of course dessert. You’ll find real game changers like Microwave Mug Granola, Macaroni & Cheese and even Microwave Mug Pizza.

Microwave Mug Meals are for EVERYONE! Whether you are always on the go, living in a dorm or want to eat single serving portions of real meals that will satisfy your appetite and save you time. Mix any of the Microwave Mug Meals up the night before, and just pop them into the microwave for a quick meal in minutes. And of course, feel free to combine them all for the ultimate Mug Meal!

Microwave Granola in a Mug (Breakfast)

You won’t believe that Granola can come out of a microwave crunchy, toasted and just like baked granola but without the wait and wash up. This Granola is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Microwave Macaroni & Cheese in a Mug (Lunch)

This recipe may change the way you make this family favorite going forward. It’s made with real ingredients made in minutes, and faster than from a box.

Microwave Peanut Butter & Banana Mug Cake (Snack)

This muffin packs a protein punch that will give you energy and keeps you going until your next meal. It’s a perfect snack for after a work out.

Microwave Mug Pizza (Dinner)

Pizza made in a microwave? This Pizza is a serious game changer when it comes to your meals. It is real food fast, better than fast food. You will not believe the results.

Microwave Mug Brownie (Dessert)

This indulgent Chocolate Brownie is a single serving of heaven just for you and possibly the best, fudgiest Brownie ever.

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