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Armenian Grit Salad Recipe

Armenian Grit Salad
Armenian Grit Salad

Try this Armenian salad recipe with grit and mint and spice it up with some hot green pepper on top. Your friends will love it!

Preparation Time: 15 minutes approximately
Cooking Time: 30 minutes approximately
Serves: 5 persons

All you need

2 cups fine grit
1 bunch chopped parsley
2 medium onions chopped.
1 tbsp. garlic mashed
2 spring onions chopped
4 tomatoes chopped
1/2 bunch chopped mint
1/4 cup corn oil
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
4 tbsps. pomegranate molasses
3/4 cup al alali Tomato Ketchup
4 cubes al alali Chicken Stock
3/4 hot water
2 hot green peppers chopped

  1. In a deep pan, heat corn oil, fry garlic until golden; add al alali Chicken Cubes and al alali Chili Powder, cumin, onions, stirring constantly. Add al alali Tomato Paste, stir for few minutes, add pomegranate molasses , al alali Tomato Ketchup, grit and water.
  2. Cover, simmer for 15 minutes. Set aside and allow cooling.
  3. Mix green pepper, parsley, spring onions, tomatoes, mint, and olive oil, add grit mixture, mix well.
  4. Place in a serving plate, garnish with parsley, lemon slices and enjoy!
Source: alalali

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