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Best Recipes for Chocolate Sheet Cake

A sheet cake is a cake baked in a large, flat rectangular pan such as a sheet pan or a jelly roll pan. Read more...

Recipe courtesy of Ree Drummond
Show: The Pioneer Woman
Episode: Surprise Birthday

Total: 45 min | Active: 20 min | Yield: 24 servings | Level: Easy

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Alex Witchel

Yield 12 to 15 servings | Time 45 minutes

This recipe came to The New York Times in 2003 from the Denver chapter: a basic chocolate sheet-cake of tremendous moistness that's very easy to make.

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TOTAL TIME: Prep: 25 min. | Bake: 20 min. + cooling
MAKES: 16-20 servings

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Yield: One big cake (serves about 24) | Prep Time: 30 min | Cook Time: 20 min

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Prep Time 10 min | Total Time 1 hr 15 min | Servings 24

Serving a crowd? Make a really big and easy cake for chocolate lovers.

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