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Jabaliyeh Tomato seasoned with garlic & sumac recipe

Jabaliyeh Tomato seasoned with garlic & sumac

In Lebanon, Jabaliyeh Tomatoes, or Heirloom tomatoes, are commonly served in local restaurants as mezze. However, they can also be served as a salad or decorate any other salad with the seasoned tomato slices.

Caloric content: 190 calories / seasoned tomato


1 Jabaliyeh Tomato (200 g)

4 garlic cloves

1 Tbsp of olive oil

½ tsp of salt

1 pinch of sumac

Preparation steps:

  1. Wash the tomato and cut into slices (~ thickness of 1 cm approx.)
  2. Place the tomato slices in a plate and refrigerate
  3. In the meantime, crush the garlic cloves and mix them with the oil and salt to obtain a paste
  4. Spread the garlic paste on each tomato slice
  5. Sprinkle some sumac on each slice as well

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