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Lebanon Pictures - Lebanese Food 1

In this page you will find pictures of best Lebanese food served at Lebanese restaurants - I am so sorry if I make you hungry:

Lebanese Soup Dishes

Lebanese Lentil Soup

Yogurt Soup - Served Hut

Lebanese Salads

Khiar B'leban - Yogurt and cucumber salad with garlic and mint

Vegetable Salad - Lettuce and tomato salad

Tabbouli - Special Lebanese salad made with chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions, & cracked wheat

Fattoush - Mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, parsley, toasted pita bread, & pomegranate nectar

Grilled Chicken Fattoush - Grilled boneless chicken on top of fatoush salad, made with lettuce, tomato, parsley, toasted pita bread, & pomegranate nectar


Shish kebab - Charcoal broiled lamb & vegetables on skewer, served with rice & salad

Kifta Mishwiye - Charcoal broiled ground leg of lamb mixed with vegetables & spices, served with rice & hummus

Shish Kabob & Kifta Mishwiye Combination Served with rice & salad

Kibbe B'siniye - Pressed Kibbe, baked, served with salad

Kibbe Mishwiye - Lean finely ground leg of lamb mixed with cracked wheat and stuffed with nuts, onion, & broiled meat, served with salad

Shish Barak - Small Lebanese meat pie-dumplings, cooked and served in a yogurt sauce made with garlic & cilantro, served with rice

Ajhi - Lebanese omelet made with fresh herbs, onions, pine nuts, and ground lamb, served with salad

Minazli - Sautéed eggplant cooked in a tomato sauce, and topped with ground lamb & pine nuts , served with rice

Bamia - Fresh okra cooked with lamb chunks in a tomato sauce made with pomegranate nectar, served with rice

Wara'anib - Grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb and rice

Malfouf - Cabbage stuffed with ground lamb, cumin, rice, and pomegranate nectar

Coussa B'leban - Fresh squash stuffed with ground lamb, rice and pine nuts in a yogurt sauce cooked with mint

Sbanegh - Sautéed spinach, ground lamb, and pine nuts served with rice and yogurt

Fassoulia - Dried white beans cooked in a tomato sauce with garlic, onion, and lamb chunks served with rice

Sheik al M'ehshi - Sautéed eggplant cooked with yogurt, garlic, and mint, topped with ground lamb and pine nuts, served with rice

Yakhneh B'leban - Stew of lamb chunks cooked in yogurt, served with rice

Couscous - Served with a variety of vegetables, lamb, beef, & chicken stewed in a tomato sauce

Curry - Choice of beef or lamb curry served with rice

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  1. Yes, you have made me hungry! They really all look so good. The Ajhi really looks like me. I like meals that are light, but with lots of flavor. Honestly, I wouldn't turn any of them away though.


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