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Coriander Chicken Recipe

An easy recipe, learn how to prepare coriander chicken.

Prepration Time25 Minutes
Cooking Time25 Minutes

Ingredients - serves 3
Ginger-1 1/2"inch
Green Chillies-10
Salt to taste
Onion-2 finely chopped
Red chilli powder-2tsp
Garam masala-1tsp
Water-as required

First wash the chicken

In a Blender add Coriander,Ginger,Garlic,Greenchillies and grind with out adding water.
And to the bowl add washed chicken,grinded paste,salt,curd,onion mix it nicely and keep 3o mins to marinate.

In a kaadi put oil when it is hot pour marinated chicken saute it for a while.

Now add redchilli pd,garammasala,salt,cashewnut paste,water little and close the lid and allow to cook competely.
When it is ready transfer to serving bowl and garnish with coriander.

serve with hot rice.

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