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Jameed - About Jameed

Find everything about jameed - What is Jameed? How to make it at home (but don't try)? How to buy Liquid Jameed? Mansaf Recipe using jameed and videos about : Learn how to eat mansaf the Bedouin Way and a TV Report: Traditional Jordanian method of preparing mansaf the national dish of Jordan.

What is Jameed?
Jameed (Arabic: جميد) is hard dry laban made from sheeps' milk. Milk is kept in a fine woven cheesecloth to make a thick yogurt. Read more...

How to Make Jameed at Home?
Jameed is a popular ingredient found most commonly in the Jordanian dish called "mansaf." Jameed is a dehydraded, defatted yogurt that is hardened into small balls, and then reconstituted when used in cooking. Read More... but do't try to make it! it's a lot of work, I personally buy it like others do.

How to buy Liquid Jameed?
Due to the long hours of preparation of jammed many families shy away from making Mansaf. Jameed is not typically found in the United States, check Middle Eastern specialty markets or online Jordanian grocers to find the most authentic.

Today with Kasih Liquid Jameed, the first prepackaged liquid jameed in the world, preparing the Mansaf dish has never been easier.

Kasih is introducing liquid jameed in room temperature stable packages. It is available in liquid form where 100 % jameed stones have been soaked, filtered and diluted with water. The liquid is then sterilized and packed in sterilized aluminum bags to keep it stable at room temperature.

Mansaf Recipe Using Jameed
Mansaf consists of Arabic rice, a rich broth made from dry sour milk (jameed), and either lamb or chicken. Whether Jordanains are celebrating a graduation, an engagement, or a wedding- Mansaf is commonly served. Read More...

Video: Learn How to Eat Mansaf the Bedouin Way

Video TV Report: Traditional Jordanian method of preparing mansaf (sorry it's in Arabic)


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