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Christmas Gift Baskets

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes) invites you to to choose the appropriate Christmas Gifts Basket.

Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals worldwide. It is not only awaited by kids and teenagers but also by the elders as well. It is celebrated with extreme joy and fervor and the celebrations of Christmas in a Christian home are unparalleled to any other celebration. The best part about Christmas is the Christmas Gift. Most of the people prefer to present a Christmas Gift basket to their loved ones. Actually a Christmas Gift basket is a collection of several tiny gifts wrapped in a very beautiful way in hamper. They are available invarious price range and you can pick one from any gift store.

The ethnic assorted gift baskets for Christmas can be as economical as you like to as fancy and expensive as you make it to be. When you can't think of a single thing to gift someone or you want to gift something, you think is too cheap to gift alone, you can team up many trivia things with one or more good pieces and conjure up a gift basket that looks really nice. It can also be a good idea to hide a small nicety as a surprise for the receiver. If you want tips for customizing and decorating your Gift basket, here are few quick and handy tips.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas
  • Choose a beautiful basket in which you will pack your assorted things, preferably a colored or Christmas-themed cellophane paper for gift wrapping and colored ribbon to make the bow to give the finishing touch to your Christmas gift basket.
  • For kids, you can gift wrap some candies, candy canes, a Christmas cracker or two and some toys and see their grin broadening with their treasure trove.
  • Older kids and teenagers will love some of their favorite CDs, small video game, candy canes, toffees and homemade cookies.
  • Girls cannot refuse an assortment of quality cosmetics such as nail colors and lipsticks and you can also insert a pack of wet and fragrant fresh tissues and cotton balls. You can add a piece or two of stylish costume jewellery or latest hair accessory in the market.
  • Gift baskets for boys can include handkerchiefs, socks, cuff links, buttons and may be a watch!
  • If you are planning to propose to your beloved on Christmas, you can hide the ring with a love letter in rose petals in the gift basket and cover it with chocolates and other trivial things. See her gasp with surprise when she opens her gift.
  • Any assortment of small items, decorative pieces, collectibles, nativity dolls and even small Feng Shui items available are perfect for people who have just shifted to a new home.
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  3. Sending gift baskets is a really nice way to connect with friends from a distance - I like how you have suggested the Feng Shui idea - I haven't seen that before.


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