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Lebanese Sweets Recipes - Best Lebanese Sweets

Over 20 Lebanese Sweets Recipes - Enjoy the best homemade traditional Lebanese sweets in any occasion.

Baklava: This is a baklava recipe with cinnamon, walnuts and honey and filo pastry sheets. Read more...

A traditional dessert which is very popular in the Levant region of the Middle East specially in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan & Syria. Read more...

Katayef: It is the traditional sweet that is made during the Holy month of Ramadan. It's well known in all Arab Countries. It is really simple to make, and as long as they are pinched closed, they should come out great! Read more...

Awamat: A traditional and common sweet in Lebanon. This awamat recipe or awama is easy and delicious authentic Lebanese dessert dish that you can find it in Lebanese restaurants. Read more...

an Arabic dessert famous in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine that is Served with Turkish coffee or hot tea. Read more...

Ghraybeh: (Flour Cookie), these delicate cookies melt in your mouth. The incredible blend of ingredients ensures the freshness and taste. Ghraybeh is available in Arabian dessert restaurants. Read more...

Kaak Bi Haleeb (Milk Cakes):
Special dessert recipe from Zahle - Lebanon usually made for Easter. Read more...

Kashta: One of two basic dessert fillings used in many Middle Eastern desserts such as some versions of Katayef, the other being a nut filling. This recipe gives excellent and tasty results every time and is the best substitute for the real thing. Read more...

Mafroukeh: is great combination between semolina and sugar with a special presentation with all ground nuts. Here is a Lebanese dessert, easy, quick to prepare, and excellent for a crowd. Read more...

Meghli: An authentic Lebanese dish. It is served on special occasions, such as the birth of a child. Read more...

A sweet almond cake from Lebanon. This sfouf recipe is easy and delicious authentic Lebanese dessert dish. Read more...

Muhallabieh: This Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Egyptian pudding (Muhallabieh) is a favorite both in summer and winter, especially liked by children. In the Middle East the rice may be purchased already pulverized. Read more...

Milk and Rice (Rez bel haleeb): Easy to make rice pudding recipe, put a smile on the face of your kids. Read more...

Mshabbak: A
n Arabic dessert and it is enjoyed by kids. Read more...

Nummoora: Simple dessert recipe famous in the Arab world that children love it. In some regions it is sold on the streets. Read more...

Osmallieh: Lebanese desserts dish (Knafeh).

Sahlab: Delicious and easy to prepare Sahlab recipe. Sahlab is famous in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Read more...

Znoud Elsit:
Fantastic Lebanese dessert. It is served after a main meal. Read more...

Maamool with dates:
Delicious desserts served during Eid Occasion.

Maamool with Walnuts:
Delicious desserts served during Eid Occasion.

Maamool with Pistachios: Usually prepared at home or bought ready from restaurants. Most moslems prepare Maamool for Eid Alfitr which comes after Ramadan. Read more...

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  1. A Lebanese neighbour gave to some cookies that were made with wheatlets and they were pressed into a mold. Would anyone know what they are called or have a recipe?

    1. I think you are looking for Maamoul. Please try this Pistachio Maamoul Recipe

  2. it is very nice here

  3. My mother-in-law used to make a dessert called "old ladys' teeth" made from nuts and fried bits of dough and mixed with honey. I have not been able to find a recipe for it. I assume it was either Egyptian or Lebanese . Anyone ever heard of it?

    1. I wonder if you mean ara'eesh, though not sure about nuts being in it. It has an aniseed flavour in it and is deep fried then soaked in sugar syrup. Here is a recipe ideas think resembles it http://shahiya.com/english/recipes/maakaroun-3119

    2. I'm looking for a looking time for that recipe too. My grandmother used to make it. Please, if anyone knows the exact ingredients ( I remember how to make it because we used to helped her) to use let me know.
      Salma, I don't think the one that you mention is the one that we are looking for because that one didn't have the aniseed flavor.
      I remember my grandma making it for special ocations....

  4. You provide a great collection of sweets recipes . Awesome photo as well. For more recipes check this Best Recipe Cookbook .

  5. I had a warm pudding that came it layers and tasted a bit of rosewater. My lebanese friend said, she knew it. Now I forgot the name. Can you help me please??

    1. I wish I can help, it's really hard to guess. May be u should ask your Lebanese friend. If you get an answer, please let me know.

  6. Hi, when I made halawat el jibn it was soft but once it cooled it turned hard and the semolina was gritty. Can u help? Thank you :)

  7. If you used the following recipe:
    Halawat El-Jibn Bil-Kishta

    Constant stirring in the 2nd and 3rd steps is very important.

    Good luck

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Hi, im after the recipe for a cookie/biscuit called emra'ad. It usually has aniseed and/or fennel flavour added to it & its pressed into a mould to get a round shape with a design engraved. Can anyone help me find this recipe???

    1. Personally I never heard of emra'ad. May be the pronunciation is incorrect.

    2. Hi it's also known as Ka'ak ib Khamis

    3. I have searched the internet and found the following recipes:




      I hope that's what you are looking for

  10. is kataifi,a lebenese sweet dish?

    1. From Wikipedia:

      Kenafeh (Arabic: كنافة‎ kunāfah, Turkish: künefe, (South) Azerbaijan Turkish : Riştə Xətayi / ریشته ختایی, Farsi: رشته‌خشکار, Greek: κα(ν)ταΐφι kadaïfi/kataïfi), also spelled knafeh, Kunafeh, kunafeh, knafeh, or kunafah) is a Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup, typical of the regions belonging to the former Ottoman Empire. It is a dessert specialty of the Levant, especially in Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian territories, Syria and northern Egypt. It is a first cousin of the Greek kadaifi and the Turkish tel kadayıf, künefe and ekmek kadayıfı.

  11. Some years ago, Lebanese visitors in Rhodes Island Hellas, gave us a large tin full of Lebanese Sweets. They were somewhat similar to Baklava and Kataifi which are made in Hellas and in Turkey. I can only say this. I thought it was the most delightful sweet of its type and cannot compare to anything else I have tasted. The Lebanese sweets are just heavenly. I would do anything to taste them again.

  12. I am cooking this recipe again, for the 3rd time in a little over a month.
    Look this recipe network to find alternative lebanes sweet recipe. ( https://pakistanirecipesinurdu.wordpress.com/ ).
    Thank for sharing such delicious recipe.

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