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Wheatgrass Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes) invites you to read about  Wheatgrass Health benefits and Nutritional Value.

by Cheryl Munger

I remember the first time I tried Wheat grass. I had it from one of the nearest juice bars in my area. The taste to me was sweet tasting and similar to me like sweet peas. They gave me a shot of wheat grass followed by a shot of orange juice to chase it with. The energy you get is a real boost to your body. I started juicing for a better health overall and started researching all the benefits to certain fruits and vegetables.

I then started reading up on wheat grass benefits and was astounded and amazed at how it is a healer for tumors and much more. It gives so much energy to people that some people cannot drink it after mid- afternoon. It is best taken on an empty stomach. Some people may even vomit after taking a shot depending on everyone we are all different, the cause of the feeling of wanting to vomit after a shot is due to its ability to cleanse our bodies so quickly.

This is called the healing crisis. Wheat grass contains Chlorophyll which is the green pigment in the grass that is absorbed from the suns rays, so when you consume the wheat grass juice you are actually eating or drinking the sun rays that have been transformed into food that gives you an abundant amount of energy. If you are around toxic things like smoke etc.. wheat grass actually helps cleanse the toxins from our body. It was once discovered as helping heal tumors in a persons body. If you want to reap allot of energy and healing benefits, wheat grass is very good for everyone and you will love it and be hooked on it once you have tried it and have read up on all the powerful healing benefits it can give our bodies.

It comes in many forms, fresh grass that you can buy or grow yourself and then juiced. You can buy a juicer specifically for juicing grasses or if you have a juice machine you can wrap the grass in some spinach leaves and run it through a normal juice machine. You can also buy in tablet or powder drink mix form. Whatever form you choose it is a great natural body healer and should really be looked into and researched more if a person is truly interested in wanting to know more. Speaking for myself, I have a sluggish thyroid and a problem losing weight and since I started juicing, I am now losing weight and feeling so much healthier. I have bought many books on juicing and got me a juicer and have truly felt much healthier and happier. I recommend juicing for everyone who wants better overall health and happiness!

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