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Lebanon Attractions - Camping

Camping in Lebanon

More and more camping options are emerging in Lebanon, and many existing sites are simply spectacular. Campers can set up their tents overlooking the sea north of Jbail (Byblos) and walk down from their site to the Mediterranean for a swim and some snorkeling. Alternatively, campers can retire in the Adonis Valley, home of the legendary frolicking of Adonis and Aphrodite of Greek mythology.

Lebanon offers numerous campsites and ecolodges that have fully supported facilities catering to groups and families. These include platform tents or bungalow-style lodging, meals, and organized recreational activities such as hikes and mountain bike rides.

For those looking for a more remote nature experience, backcountry camping is allowed on any public land that is not in a Nature Reserve or Protected Area. In these areas, camping is often part of an organized, guided excursion led by one of the country's many ecotour operators. Camping can be a base from which to launch daytrips to nearby towns and historic attractions, for hikes in surrounding natural areas, or simply as a quiet respite from the bustle of Beirut city life. 

Source http://www.lebanon-tourism.gov.lb

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