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Lebanon Attractions - Cycling

Cycling in Lebanon

Lebanon's rugged mountains, hills, and valleys, and its spectacular scenery immersed in history, make for some truly unique mountain biking opportunities. Cyclists can ride up Qornet Es-Saouda (Lebanon's highest peak) with views of the Békaa Valley to the east, Syria to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. You can also ride through rugged mountainous terrain and Cedar groves in the Horsh Ehden and Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserves, and at the Cedars ski resort. The high plateaus of the Mount Lebanon Range are covered with extensive trail networks, offering technically challenging terrain for seasoned cyclists.

For those looking for more relaxed cycling, the Békaa Valley and the coastal regions have many opportunities both on and off-road. Many small villages have small shops offering bike rentals for independent on-road biking.

Most mountain biking is done with a guided tour, as many mountain trails are not well marked. Several tour operators run guided cycling tours catering to all levels, and include bicycle rental, lodging, food, insurance, an experienced guide, and transportation to and from the trailhead. 

Source lebanon-tourism.gov.lb

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