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Chunky salsa with pita chips recipe

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes)invites you to try Chunky salsa with pita chips  Recipe. Enjoy quick and easy Middle Eastern food recipes and learn how to make Chunky salsa with pita chips.

Recipe by Mark Olive from The Outback Café

9 Ingredients


3 Tomatoes deseeded and diced

0.25 Capsicum diced

0.5 Onion diced

Rocket finely chopped

2 tablespoons Native Currant & Chilli Sauce

1.5 teaspoons mountain Peppers

Pita Chips 

4 small Pita Bread pockets

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

2 tablespoons desert flakes


1. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and set aside while preparing the pita chips.

Pita Chips:

1. To make the pita chips, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with desert flakes. Cut into wedges. Place onto an oven tray and bake in a moderate oven for 2-3 minutes until crisp.

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