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Buying smoked salmon

Good quality smoked salmon is a real treat

Good quality smoked salmon is a real treat. A firm favourite of mine, Forman & Field in London are known for their excellent smoked salmon. A family-run business who’ve been smoking salmon since 1905, their smoked salmon has a light, not overly smoky taste. Their speciality is wild smoked Scottish salmon, which has an exceptional flavour and texture.

I’ve asked Forman & Field to share their advice as to what to look for in good smoked salmon and here’s what they said:

  1. If you like fish smoky, have a kipper! Salmon should be delicately smoked.
  2. Cheap, fatty supermarket smoked salmon may need lemon but Forman’s doesn’t – especially not the wild salmon.
  3. If you see sugar on the ingredients label it’s a bad sign. Don’t buy it.
  4. Eat smoked salmon that is as fresh as possible; it won’t taste as good at the end of the shelf life.
  5. Only wild Scottish salmon has the historic reputation. English is considered inferior and Irish is no longer available. Wild Norwegian and Baltic is good, wild Alaskan salmon is a totally different breed.
  6. Organic salmon is not wild, and no more natural than regular farmed salmon so should not be more expensive. Don’t be fooled.
  7. Try ordering and carving smoked salmon yourself – it will taste even better.
  8. Gravadlax is not and should not be smoked.
  9. Don’t buy salmon whose packs state the salmon is “matured” – fish does not mature; it goes off!
  10. The key to smoked salmon and any fish is the freshness. Forman’s smoked salmon is carved for you the day before you receive it.


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