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Carve a side of smoked salmon

Advice from the experts

A whole side of smoked salmon is a luxury indeed, but carving it can be a little daunting. Smoked salmon experts Forman & Field supply the best advice on how to carve it.

Preliminary tips: Be careful – you will need a really sharp knife. You’ll also need a pair of clean pliers to pull out the pin bones.

  1. Gripping the fin under the collar bone with one hand, cut off the fin and bone and discard.
  2. From the top down to the tail, trim along both edges of the salmon, working around the fin.
  3. Guide the smoked salmon knife tightly under the rib cage and remove all the bones.
  4. Trim all the outer layer from the tail to the head. Remember that the salmon trimmings, other than bones, can be used to make Smoked Salmon pâté.
  5. Run your fingers along the middle of the fish to feel for the pin bones, remove them using pliers, pulling in the direction they protrude to prevent breakage.
  6. Slice the salmon laterally using a smooth sawing action from head to tail, ensuring the knife is very sharp for thinner slices.
Source: knorr.co.uk

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