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Golden Loqaimat sweet cheese stuffed balls!

Golden Loqaimat sweet cheese stuffed balls

How to make golden and delicious sweet balls stuffed with cheese. Delicious dessert recipe anyone can make at home.

Ingredients and preparation

Two cups of all purpose flour

Two tbsps of cornstarch

Two tbsps of powdered milk

A sprinkle of salt

Three fourths of a cup of water

One tbsp of sugar

One tsp of yeast

Add the wet mixture and knead

One tsp of vanilla

One fourth of a cup of cooking oil

Knead for 10 minutes

This should be the consistency of the dough

Let the dough rest for about an hour

Let's prepare the sugar syrup

Two cups of sugar

One cup and one fourth of a cup of water



On medium heat for 10 minutes

One tsp of lemon juice

One fourth of a cup of honey

Let the syrup cool to room temperature

Cut the dough into small pieces

Then, flatten it and stuff it with cream cheese

Pinch both ends of the dough together to close

Take out the excess dough

Hot oil on medium heat

Continue to move the pastry around until it turns golden

Soak in the sugar syrup

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