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Top 5 Coffee Makers

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Lebanese Recipes and Middle Eastern food recipes) invites you to read about  the Top 5 Coffee Makers.

Coffee Makers are those shiny, heavy machines that can transform coffee grinds and milk into Australia’s favourite drink. I think everyone would love one of these appliances on their kitchen bench. But before you go ahead and part with the money, you have to decide which machine best suits your needs. Obviously your budget is going to impact on your choice and then you have to consider how involved in the coffee process you really want to be.

There are two major points to consider before you buy a coffee maker.

Budget – there are coffee makers to suit every budget. Granted you won’t get an automatic machine for under $100, more likely you will have to choose from percolators or French press coffee makers. Once you do you wander into the automatic range you will notice there is a huge range of prices and brands available.

Level of Involvement – just how much you want to be involved will affect greatly your choice of machine. Some machines will do it all for you, and some will let you make your very own cup just like in a café.

Here are 5 Great Coffee Machines to suit all needs and budgets;

This is the least money you can part with and still have a pretty decent coffee in your own home. The Sunbeam is more or less a percolator, but it has a high pressure (15 bar, like a domestic coffee machine) pump and an Italian designed ‘Crema System’ that will deliver perfect coffee for just over $50.

This massive percolator can make up to 100 cups of quality coffee and is ideal for people who entertain a lot or perhaps organisations or businesses who need to provide morning and afternoon teas for many people. With functions that ensure perfect temperature and brewing, you cannot go wrong with this machine. This would be the best percolator available from a domestic range, with a price tag to match.

This stylish looking machine, with vintage design elements is a fully automated coffee maker. You don’t need to worry about buying beans or grinding coffee or steaming your milk this machine will do it all for you. With a very high pressure pump of 19 bar, this Delonghi will produce café quality crema on your coffees. With autmomatic capsule ejection, there is no need for fiddly cleaning or replacing coffee stock. Sitting on the higher end of the price bracket, this model comes in single or double cup versions.

Sunbeam, as with all of their appliances, have machines on all ranges of the spectrum. This one is a compact, classic style coffee machine. With a standard 15 bar pump, you will get great, café like quality crema and will be able to steam your own milk like a pro at home.

The Gaggia Classic is exactly that – a classic. This machine has been on the market well before coffee making at home became a popular past time. With a classic, simple design that has not changed since it first came on the market, you can choose from brushed stainless steel, a warmer brass or the polished stainless steel.
This machine, while having the standard 15 bar pump, will make café quality coffee with it’s excellent design and performance. This machine is heavy, which makes it perfect for ease of use as you will soon discover when you are making own coffees at home.
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