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Basil and feta red-hots recipe

Photo: Basil and feta red-hots recipe
Need ideas for a kids' party? The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen invites you to try Basil and feta red-hots Recipe. Enjoy a stunning collection of kids party food any kid would be impressed by. 

Party food is given a colourful twist with this creative take on the traditional hot dog.

Makes 12


12 mini ready-to-bake bread rolls
12 mini frankfurts
1/4 cup (70g) pizza sauce
1/2 cup small basil leaves
1/4 cup drained marinated feta


Place the bread rolls on baking trays and bake according to packet instructions or until light golden.

Leave the bread rolls to cool slightly.

Cook the frankfurts in a large saucepan of simmering water for about 5 minutes or until heated through, then remove from the pan and drain.

Cut slits into the top of each bread roll and brush the insides with pizza sauce. Place a frankfurt in each roll, top with basil leaves and crumble over feta.

delicious. - June 2006, Page 99
Recipe by Kate Tait

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