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Fairy cloud cake recipe

Photo: Fairy cloud cake recipe

Need ideas for a kids' party? The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen invites you to try Fairy cloud cake Recipe. Enjoy a stunning collection of kids party food any kid would be impressed by. 

Make a little girl's dream come true with this pretty fairy cake.

Ingredients (serves 10)

453g tub vanilla frosting
2 x 250g packets mega marshmallows
1 fairy figurine, to decorate
340g packet buttercake mix
2 eggs
3/4 cup milk
60g butter, softened
1 tube pink Dollar Five sprinkles


Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease and line base of a 20cm (base) round cake pan.

Make cake: Prepare cake, following packet directions. Just before pouring mixture into cake pan, fold through sprinkles (this gives a magical coloured effect once cake is cut). Bake as directed. Stand in pan for 10 minutes. Turn onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Place cake, right side up, on a cake stand. Spread top and side with frosting.

Starting around side of cake, press marshmallows all over to cover icing. Place 1 marshmallow upside down in the centre of cake. Position fairy on top.

Super Food Ideas - April 2005, Page 29
Recipe by Tracy Rutherford


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  1. Your fairy cloud cake looks tasty
    You can submit your fairy cloud cake pics on http://www.foodporn.net It is a food photography site where members can submit all food pictures that make readers hungry :)
    I am already hungry to see these photos btw, LOL


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