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How to Grill Juicy Chicken Breasts

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Produced by: Handmade TV and Sarah Breckenridge

Ever been to a barbecue where the chicken was dry, tough and inedible? Of course you have. Since they're so lean, chicken breasts are notorious for drying out over the high heat of the grill. But it is possible to grill them so they're moist and juicy, with this tip from Fine Cooking contributor and grilling expert Steven Raichlen:

When you place your chicken breasts on the grill, weigh them down with a brick wrapped in heavy-duty foil when grilling them.  The brick presses the meat into the grill for faster, more even cooking, plus it creates great grill marks and crispness.

Another bonus is that the brick acts almost as a cover for the chicken, keeping the juices from evaporating as quickly which helps it stay juicy.

You can use this trick with either boneless breasts, like I have here or bone-in breasts, just keep in mind that your cooking time will be longer for bone-in.  Your result will be perfectly grilled, juicy chicken breasts, with no overcooking and no toughness.

From finecooking.com

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