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Fatet Hommos Recipe

Fatet hommos in a platter with Lemon and olive oil

Fatet Hommos or hummus is very easy to make, its delicious, healthy, and fulfilling, and can be easily made gluten free or vegan.

Author: Farida
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Serves: 4


A lb of dried Chickpeas beans, or two cans drained.
1 cup of Yogurt
Half cup of Tahini
Lemon juice
Spices (Salt, ground Cumin, Chili powder, or Cayenne Pepper)
Pita bread 1 piece
Hot dog bread
Two Tb of Olive Oil and 1 Tb ghee
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1. Soak the chickpeas for 12 hours, or overnight. Put it on the stove on high heat for 15 minutes then on medium heat for 1 hr or whatever it takes. It depends on the kind, and size of chickpeas sometimes.

Fattet hummus with yogurt
1. Break down pita bread into small pieces, and saute with olive oil. Be generous.
2. Add spices to yogurt and mix it well (You can add crushed garlic too)
3. Grab a bowl, and put the toasted pita in the bottom.
4. Now put the boiled chickpeas over the toasted bread.
5. Add yogurt.
6. Now add olive to a heated skillet, add the pine nuts, leave it until it has a golden color. Keep an eye on it, it burned easily.
7. Put it over the fatteh, and serve immediately.

Fattet Hummus with Tahini Sauce
1. Cut hot dog bread into small pieces, and put them in the bottom of the dish.
2. Pour hot water, enough to make the bread moist, and very soft, but not mushy (better to add water from boiled chickpeas).
3. Put chickpeas over the bread.
4. Now mix Tahini paste with lemon juice, salt, and chickpeas broth ( Add enough to make it like a cake batter)
5. Add it over the chickpeas.
6. Now toast some pine nuts (For this kind of fatteh, put some ghee instead of olive oil or mix them together), and serve immediately.

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