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Middle Eastern burgers recipe

Middle Eastern burgers
Middle Eastern burgers

Preparation time: 20 minutes | Servings: 4 | Level: Easy


300 grams minced meat (lamb and beef)
50 grams onions, chopped
10 grams sumac
50 grams sausage
40 grams Egyptian roumy cheese
40 grams cabbage, grated
2 pita bread
40 grams green onions
tomatoes, slices
20 ml grenadine sauce

Tomato sauce

100 grams tomatoes
20 grams butter
30 ml Ketchup
40 grams sugar
30 grams onions



-    Heat butter, onion, and tomato in a sauce pan for a short time.

-   Add sugar and ketchup and leave the mixture to boil slowly until becomes thick.


- In a bowl, mix minced meat, onion, grenadine sauce and sumac.

- Place mixture on the grill until cooked.

- Place sausage in a frying pan until cooked.

 - Open the pita bread. Put inside it a layer of grated cabbage, slices of tomatoes and green onions.

- Cut sausage lengthwise and place it over green onions.

- Then pour the sauce.

- Place burger over the sausage then put some slices of the Egyptian roumy cheese.
- Garnish with parsley and serve.

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