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Znoud Elsit

Fantastic Lebanese dessert it is called Znoud Elsit. It is served after a main meal.

  • 10 chips of Baklawa Pastry (20cm)
  • 10 cups of Arabic cream (Kashta)
  • 4 cups of oil for frying
  • 4 cups of Arabic Syrup
  • lemon flower (optional) and minced pistachio to garnish

1 Take the Baklawa Pastry and cut it into long stripes and 10cm wide.

Put each two stripes of the pastry on top of each other and half a stripe on top of the two but in a cross type.

Put two teaspoons of Arabic cream (Kashta) on top where the pastry stripes meet.

Fold the right and left side of the pastry on top of the Kashta and then roll it lengthwise around the Kashta.

Prepare all the pastry the same way then fry them in the oil until they get a golden color.

Take them out of the oil and put them in the Syrup after you have decreased the oil on them.

Decorate by putting some kashta on the middle top, some minced pistachio and lemon flower (optional).

Don't use the fresh Kashta for this recipe because it doesn't bare the heat and it will be harmful.

Enjoy Znoud Elsit.

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