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Fteer falahi (Cheese and anise flat bread) recipe

Photo: Fteer falahi (Cheese and anise flat bread) recipe

This fteer or flat bread which is also known as Palestinian peasant pastry can be made with a variety of fillings. My grandmother made three varieties of this layered bread, cheese and anise, oregano and green onions, and a sweet almond one that she would drizzle with syrup. You can also make it with spinach instead of the oregano.

There are two secrets behind this bread popularity, one is brushing the  dough with oil after each fold. That gives the final product a wonderful layering. When you tear a piece of it you will find super thin layers with the filling in between. The other is use of fresh ingredients, as you will see in the ingredient list, the dough is simple, flour, yeast  and water. It is the fresh filling ingredients that transform this from a regular simple bread to a wonderful layered bread that is bursting with flavor with every bite. 

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