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Halawet El Jibn - Stuffed Sweet Cheese Dessert Recipe

Halawet El Jibn - Stuffed Sweet Cheese Dessert
Halawet El Jibn - Stuffed Sweet Cheese Dessert

Halawet El Jibn is a Lebanese dessert " made out of cheese dough stuffed with fresh cream. Easy to follow recipe from al alali!

Preparation Time: 30 minutes approximately
Cooking Time: 20 minutes approximately
Serves: 8 -10 persons

All you need

1 cup akkawi cheese
1 cup braided cheese
1 cup water
1/2 cup al alali Icing Sugar
1 cup semolina
1/4 cup cold water
1 kg fresh cream readymade
ground pistachios for garnish
alali Arabic Dessert Syrup Orange Blossom Flavor


  1. Cut akkawi cheese and braided cheese, soak in cold water to remove the salt completely, drain and set aside
  2. In hot pot, mix al alali Icing Sugar, semolina with water, mix well using a wooden spoon.
  3. Add the cheese pieces to the mixture, add rose water. Stir until cheese melts and the mixture becomes sticky dough.
  4. Brush 2 nylon sheets with water. Place one of them on a flat surface, spread the dough over it and cover with the other nylon sheet. Then use a rolling pin to spread the dough until relatively thin
  5. Remove the nylon sheets from both sides of the dough, and cut it into 10 x 8 cm strips. Then fill each strip with 1 tbsp. of cream on the bottom part and close the edges around it then roll the strip up. Repeat process for all the dough strips
  6. Arrange the filled rolls in a serving dish and decorate with ground pistachio and serve with alali Arabic Dessert Syrup Orange Blossom
  7. Serve and enjoy!
Source: alalali

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  1. It is such a nice and explained in details, which is very easy to understandable and also helpful for all. thanks for sharing.
    chowringhee satya niketan


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