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Most successful light and crunchy FALAFEL recipe with the tahini sauce!


Ingredients and instructions for making the recipe

Soak two cups of dried chickpeas in water After the soaking period has past, strain the water from the chickpeas and add the following ingredients 

Onion (150 grams)

Coriander (10 grams)

Parsley (10 grams)

Garlic (20 grams)

Blend all the ingredients in batches using a food processor 

Add one fourth of a cup of water for each batch and blend everything evenly into a smooth consistency 

Once you finish the whole batch add the following ingredients:

One tbsp each of cumin and paprika, and half a tsp of salt, and one fourth of a tsp of baking soda

Mix everything thoroughly 

Use a spoon or falafel mold to shape the into the common falafel shape 

Fry the falafel in a preheated vegetable oil over medium heat

Let's make the falafel tahini sauce

Mix the following ingredients together in a small bowl 

Four tbsps of tahini sauce (60 grams)

Two tbsps of yogurt (30 gram)

One clove of garlic (2 grams)

Two tbsps of lemon juice (30 ml)

A sprinkle of salt

One fourth of a cup of water

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