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Turkish chicken kofta kebab is so Easy and so Delicious when made in this way!

Turkish chicken kofta kebab


Ingredients for the kebab mix

Ground chicken (750 grams)

Finely chopped onion (120 grams)

Strain the liquids

Bell peppers (90 grams)

Strain the liquids

Parsley (10 grams)

Garlic (10 grams)

Salt to taste and one tbsp each of paprika and red chili peppers, and a half tsp of black pepper

Mix everything together 

Wet your hands and shape the kebab into the desired shape or as shown in the video 

Place them on parchment paper with a little bit of vegetable oil

Refrigerate the kebab for ½ hour

Making the salad to serve with the kebab and add to the sandwich

Mix the following ingredients 

Chopped red onion (150 grams)

Sliced tomatoes (150 grams)

Chopped parsley (20 grams)

Sumac (15 grams) this ingredient is optional 

Salt and black pepper to taste

Keep it refrigerated for until you serve the kebab

Cooking the kebab

Fry the kebab on a pan with a little vegetable oil

Cook them over medium heat

Sear the kebab from all sides

Serve the kebab immediately after you finish cooking them for best results 

Add the onion to a heated sizzler pan

Make the delicious sandwich on a pita or any bread you prefer

Add the kebab, salad, and your condiments

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