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Arabic Food easy Recipe Chicken Maqlooba

This is a Palestinian Arabic dish famous in the Arab world, very tasty, worth trying. called Maqlooba which mean upside down or maybe flipped! because once the it is done cooking u flip the whole cooking pan upside down.. dont know why else they named it this way,, there are other versions of cooking it, this is my version I will be sharing more videos on the other versions of the Maqlooba in the future, which they may include lamb, or beef instead of chicken and use other vegies or add other veggies or less.

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  1. I am trying it this afternoon. Looks wonderful. Thanks for the video.

  2. This sounds like the recipe I had once upon a time that my family loved... but hadn't been able to find one that tasted just right... but the spices sound "just right"... I just wish these great video's came with a copy and paste recipe that I could copy and not try to write it down as I watch... I am not as good at that part... will have to set down and get this recipe written down... but it sounds like just the ticket... Thanks for such a great recipe!!

  3. Maqlooba is truly my favorite meal ever. I have tried various types of foods including of course, Arabic, American, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese and so many other food types but nothing comes close to maqlooba.
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