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Katayef with Nuts Recipe

Katayef with Nuts
Katayef with Nuts

This is a rich dish that packs in some delicious katayef and crunchy nuts and raisins.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes approximately
Cooking Time: 15 minutes approximately
Serves: 5 persons

All you need

1/2 kg katayef
Vegetable oil ,for deep-frying
al alali Pancake Syrup
Hazelnut ,blanched
Walnuts ,blanched
Pistachios ,peeled
Almonds ,blanched
2 tbsps. sugar

  1. Mix nuts in a bowl and add sugar and raisins
  2. Mix all ingredients well
  3. Put the nuts mixture in the centre of each katayef ,close into a half moon shape
  4. Press on the edges with your fingers to stick together well.
  5. In a saucepan, heat oil over high heat until very hot
  6. Deep-fry katayef until golden brown
  7. Dip fried katayef while still hot in cool al alali Pancake syrup
  8. Serve on platter while hot and enjoy!
You can prepare homemade Katayef, by preparing al alali Pancake as per directions mentioned on the pack

Source: alalali

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