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Spicy chickpea rice “kedreh” Recipe

Photo: Spicy chickpea rice “kedreh”

Kedreh in arabic means a small clay pot and this recipe takes on the name because it is traditionally cooked in those small clay pots in a wood oven.

The recipe can be made with chicken or meat..what really makes it special is the spices used in it and the fact that you use the water you cooked the chickpeas in to cook the meat in and then it is used to cook the rice giving the final dish layers of flavor. Having said that, you can make this with chickpeas from a can but you would really be missing out on a lot of the flavor. Chickpeas cooked at home taste way better that anything from a can and using the cooking water in this recipe infuses the meat and rice with more flavor.

Traditionally this recipe is made with loads of garlic. Up to 2 whole heads of garlic in a pot but I usually scale that down to 4 or 5 cloves.

You can also make this into a vegetarian recipe by omitting the meat all together, you will still get loads of flavor from the chickpeas spice combination.

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