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Ramadan 2012 Main Dish Recipes

The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen invites you to try our best collection of Ramadan Main Dish Recipes for 2012.

Kabsa Recipe
Mansaf Recipe
Light Fish Siadeah
Stuffed Cabbage with Vegetables and Beef Steak  
Middle Eastern-style lamb shanks with saffron rice 
Spicy Lamb Oriental Rice
Frike with Meatballs
Saudi Rice with Lamb and Potato
Chicken and Vegetables Rice
Turkish Chicken Thighs
Shrimps Makboos
Lamb tagine with chickpeas
Chicken and pomegranate tagine
Saudi Rice with Meat and Chickpeas
Iraqi Biryani
Iraqi Style Dolma
Short Rib Lasagna Rolls
Roasted vegetable lasagne
Mama's Lasagna
Middle Eastern sticky lamb shank stew
Arabian Biryani
Date and cinnamon stuffed lamb
Whole lamb stuffed with chickpeas and eggs
Rice and meat phyllo (Ouzi)
Chicken Tajine
Macaroni Pasta with Béchamel
Rice Boukhari with Meat
Shish Barak with Yoghurt
Chicken with Eggplant and Cauliflower Rice
Roasted Lamb Leg with Oriental Rice
Kuwaiti Chicken Biryani
Tashreeb Dajaj
Lebanese Grilled Fish Kofta in Spicy Sauce
Samak Eish
Lamb Tomato and Green Peas Rice
Kousa Mahshi B'banadoura
Kousa Mahshi Bi Laban
Stuffed Baby Zucchini and Vine Leaves with Lamb Chops
Samkeh Harra
Stuffed Baby Lamb
Lebanese Rice and Chicken
Stuffed Neck of Lamb
Eggplant and rice (Makloobet betenjan)
Rice and Chick peas (Rez bel hummos)
Dajaj Mahshi 

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  1. Nice blog, very extensive Ramadan Recipes , keep sharing!

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